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Our pest control technicians would love to help you with your Hialeah spiders. Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of the spiders in your home, our Hialeah spider removal professionals can definitely help.

Some people simply hate all spiders and don’t like to see them in their homes. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck! In order to get rid of the spiders in your home we’ll also need to get rid of the other bugs so that the spiders don’t have a source of food and a reason to come back.

If you or a family member has seen one of Hialeah’s poisonous spiders, then you’ll want one of our Hialeah spider specialists to come out today to protect your family and pets. There are two types of poisonous Hialeah spiders: the brown recluse and the black widow.

Hialeah Brown Recluse Exterminator

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In most cases, the Brown Recluse that you would find in Hialeah, Florida isn’t very large. It is less than an inch in size and can be recognized by its brown coloring and black stripe down the back. You might also be more familiar with the name ‘fiddleback’ which is actually another term for the brown recluse because of the resemblance of the stripe and a fiddle.  The brown recluse may craft a web and it will be unlike your typical spider webs; it’s messy and ‘random.’

Hialeah Black Widow Information

You’ve likely seen a video or picture of a black widow before Its body is a shiny black with a red hourglass on its underside. The three species our own Hialeah spider removal experts have dealt with are the brown widow, and the western and northern black widows. Our experts have removed them from basements, stacks of wood, outdoor sheds, barns, cellars and even from homes.

Hialeah Spider Removal Specialists At Your Service!

If you suspect that you have a black widow or brown recluse in or around your home, you should notify a professional pest exterminator right away. The possibility of killing a black widow or brown recluse is definitely there, but there could be more nearby (which we will seek out) and of course, you always risk something going wrong (like getting bit) when handling a poisonous pest.

If you want to get rid of any spiders in or around your home, for any reason, our Hialeah spider experts can assist you.  Just give us a call at (305) 290-4255 today and we’ll send out our Hialeah spider removal experts.

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